This website began as a forum for my undergraduate research, undertaken as part of the Laidlaw Scholarship. It has grown to be an online portfolio, a place for me to share and publicise my work.



Clare Burgess

I'm a historian by trade, and an activist by nature. I believe that all history can tell us something about the present - and we need to listen. Intersectionality is at the heart of how I look at history, and I always aim to centre the voices of marginalised and underrepresented peoples.

I also work hard to make my research accessible to the wider public - through conferences, presenting at non-academic events, and discussing it on this site. This is all done to ensure that anyone and everyone can engage with history, and find people they can relate to in the past.

I completed my Undergraduate Degree a the University of York, writing my dissertation on the misogyny faced by proto-feminist activists during the French Revolution. During my undergrad, I was a Laidlaw Scholar - I completed funded research into French Revolutionary activists, which culminated in the content of my dissertation. It was an incredible experience which allowed me to visit Paris and The Hague for archival research, and to discuss my work in a variety of contexts.

Next, I'm moving on to a Masters Degree at the University of Oxford. I will be studying Early Modern History, and my thesis aims to consider the agency of sixteenth century sex workers in Florence. I aim to expand this work into a doctoral project, creating comparative histories of sex workers in Florence, Seville, Lyon and Havana. This project is intentionally designed to allow me to consider the intersections of gender, sexuality and race.

I am also the co-founder and organiser of "From Margins to Centre: An Undergraduate Conference on Marginalised Histories", which took place in February 2020, and will continue in 2021. For more information about the conference, its outputs and its future, please see the conference website which can be found at